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Le samedi 02 septembre 2006 à 14:55 -0700, Keith Packard a écrit :
> diff-tree db970d3596fbbc75f652f1a9fe7f7ce98e651ad2 (from
> 3bb1812f0d173b153415e2191ecdd27a95fc4b05)
> Author: Keith Packard <keithp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date:   Fri Sep 1 21:12:44 2006 -0700
>     Prefer Bitstream Vera to DejaVu families.
>     DejaVu is a modified version of Bitstream Vera that covers
> significantly
>     more languages, but does so with spotty quality, lacking hinting
> for many
>     glyphs, especially for the synthesized serif oblique face. Use
> Bitstream
>     Vera (where installed). 

This change is causing bad rendering (missing glyphs) for people using
KDE / QT with czech (as reported on ).
Frederic Crozat <fcrozat@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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