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Fontconfig 2.4.0 has been released, bits are available at:

f87eb0e6596510bbf87e57b33a657ec5  fontconfig-2.4.0.tar.gz
5650ef00930eb7af211b3df96cf25861  ChangeLog-2.4.0

sha1 sums:
132b0567740a04d89cd1eef0dd66b43ca32538c0  fontconfig-2.4.0.tar.gz
060184e5cc051397ef17d75a49e420e09c7657d6  ChangeLog-2.4.0

There aren't any substantive code changes since 2.3.97, but the
configuration files have been completely reorganized, thanks to James

Special notes to packagers:

 1) new cache file format and location. Old fonts.cache-1 files are now
useless and can be removed. For those distributions running unstable 2.4
prereleases (2.3.9x), the cache-2 files are also now invalid and should
be removed. Cache files are now installed in /var/cache/fontconfig or

 2) config file restructuring. the conf.d directory needs to be cleaned
of previously installed configuration files. Custom configuration files
will need new numbers.

Changes since 2.3.97:

David Turner:
      Replace character discovery loop with simpler, faster version.

James Cloos:
      Move files from conf.d to conf.avail
      Standardize conf.avail number prefixing convention
      Support all five possibilities for sub-pixel
      Move user and local conf file loading into conf.avail files
      Number the remaining conf.avail files
      Update to match conf.avail changes
      Replace load of conf.d in
      Make room for chunks from fonts.conf in conf.avail
      Re-order old conf.d files
      Move some section from fonts.conf into conf.avail files
      Update files
      Make conf.avail and conf.d work

Keith Packard:
      Create fc_cachedir at install time. Bug 8157.
      Reference patterns in FcCacheCopySet.
      Replace gnu-specific sed command with simple grep.
      Attempt to fix makealias usage for build on Mac OS X.
      Accept locale environment variables that do not contain territory.
      Merge branch 'jhcloos'
      Insert newly created caches into reference data structure.
      Add XML headers to new conf files. Move link make commands to conf.avail dir
      Rename conf.avail to conf.d
      Fix conf.d directory sorting.
      Include cachedir in fonts.dtd.
      Don't display tests for DESTDIR on make install.
      Split much of the configuration into separate files. Renumber files
      Update to version 2.4.0


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