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On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 00:47 -0400, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> ++.  In particular, the current practice of only including files
> starting with a digit should be removed.

No. This provides an ordering to the configuration file loading which is
often important. A separate discussion about how to fix this load order
dependency on the configuration might be interesting though.

> Also, lets clean up the configs as much as possible.  Breaking down
> fonts.conf into separate files is good.  We also patch the default
> config to add lots of aliases.  Attaching.  Ideally we want to break
> this down to something per-language or -script, like for example the
> fonts-persian.conf file is currently doing.  Separating all Indic stuff
> for example.

Alising generics to specifics should be family dependent; to a great
extent, we should split these across font package boundaries instead of
languages though. For fonts which 'commonly' ship on free software
platforms, I'm comforatble putting those into the default configuration
mechanism. We should also include other widely used, even if non-free,
fonts (like the MS web fonts, and the Adobe standard fonts).

> We also have a 40-blacklist-fonts for blacklisting some fonts that
> FreeType cannot handle correctly, and 50-no-hint-fonts for disabling
> hinting and embedded bitmaps on our Indic and a couple other fonts.

Those would be great to have.

> Another config file I have in Fedora is for making DejaVu Sans LGC an
> alias for DejaVu Sans, and turning off hinting for DejaVu in small sizes
> (like we do for Vera).  These can go upstream too I guess.  Attaching
> that too.

Yes, these are all useful and should be in the default configuration.

> Finally, I like to suggest we start providing two more generic families
> that are in CSS but currently not fontconfig: cursive and fantasy.  For
> cursive, URW Chancery L can be aliased.  I'm sure there is a font to map
> fantasy to too.  This is needed for proper support of these in Firefox.

I don't know why I didn't do this a long time ago; all of the CSS
generics should be generic in fontconfig as well.

But, at this point, I'm interested in seeing us get to a more
comprehensive upstream configuration that will reduce the differences in
downstream packaging, so please focus on patches that are obviously
correct (like the above list) and getting those merged into the


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