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Tag '2.3.96' created by Keith Packard <keithp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> at 2006-09-03 23:01 -0700

Version 2.3.96
Version: GnuPG v1.4.3 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since the dawn of time:
Alan Hourihane:
      new preprocessor files. (#5215-#5218, Alexander Gottwald).
      put fontconfig-def.cpp in the right place.
      483. Fix fontconfig to obey NothingOutsideProjectRoot, so that the

Carl Worth:
      Added new FcFini function for cleaning up all memory. Fixed a few memory
      Move man_MANS into the 'if USEDOCBOOK' block.
      Remove excessive whitespace (missed on previous commit)

Colin Walters:
      Fix dummy makefile target names when MS_LIB_AVAILABLE isn't set.
      *** empty log message ***
      Remove some unused variables, and initialize some other ones so gcc doesn't

David Dawes:
      171. Fix LIBXML2LIBDIR name clash in lib/Imakefile (#5180, ISHIKAWA
      632. Finish off the UTF-16 APIs in Xft, and fix the UTF-16 conversion code
      633. Perform country-independent matching for Chinese languages in
      Test for "ed" and "ex" -- part of update for LynxOS/PowerPC build fixes
      677. Fix a segfault in fontconfig (#A.1450, Keith Packard).
      703. Eliminate locale-dependent behaviour in fontconfig's setfontdirs

Egbert Eich:
      574. Make RENDER optional for Xvfb. When RENDER is enabled add depth 32

James Su:
      Fix "contains" op for strings and langsets.

Josselin Mouette:
      Replace fc-cache and fc-list manpages with more detailed, SGML versions.

Juliusz Chroboczek:
      Implemented foundry generation for Type 1 and TrueType
      Generate FC_SIZE and FC_DPI for legacy bitmap fonts
      Reinstate SETWIDTH_NAME parsing for legacy fonts, disappeared in 1.30.
      Extract spacing from XLFD atom

Keith Packard:
      Initial revision
      Add new font configuration library which forms the basis of the new version
      Update fontconfig and libxml2 to get them working with in-tree build
      fontconfig library: build fixes and compiler warning fixes
      Update to Xft version 2
      fontconfig fc-cache program needs to be executed with correct environment
      Switch fontconfig from libxml2 to expat
      Eliminate const in FcPatternGetString; too hard. Add FcCharSetCoverage to
      Automatically initialize the fontconfig library
      dont complain about missing optional included font config files
      Remove fcxml.h include file as it cant work anymore anyhow
      fontconfig: some config file parsing mistakes
      Check font edit value lists for empty
      Add better error reporting when loading config file
      Port Xft1 to fontconfig
      Add new FcAtomic datatype for config file locking
      Add fcatomic.c
      Eliminate compiler warnings
      fontconfig: bail scanning directory on fatal error
      Eliminate duplicate definitions in fcint.h and fontconfig.h
      Add match routine that returns list of fonts
      Fix FT_Get_Next_Char API to match official 2.0.9 released version
      Fix autoconf build process for fontconfig
      Fix xmkmf build process for fontconfig
      More autoconf cleanup for fontconfig
      Replace silly avl sort with qsort, add FcPatternEqual
      Missed a for fontconfig includes
      Fonts.dtd had "blanks" instead of "blank"
      Add pkgconfig control file and fontconfig-config script
      Dont require freetype to build with fontconfig
      A few random fontconfig build fixes
      A few autoconf build fixes
      Change charset enumeration functions to more sensible API
      Clean up autoconf install to obey DESTDIR
      Use explicit cd for non-gmake systems
      Apply some obvious fixes to FcFontSetSort from Owen. Speed up FcCharSet
      Optimize after profiling. Fix FcStrCmp to return correct sign
      Change FcCharSet datastructure, add FcFontSort API
      Fix up support for building Xft1, Xrender and fontconfig out of the tree
      Fix Xft2 to build right library version on old systems with xmkmf. Fix
      Add support for user-provided freetype faces to Xft
      Expression parsing in fonts.conf file mis-freed elements. Constant identity
      Add aspect ratio support to Xft and fontconfig
      Eliminate some compiler warnings, avoid seg fault when matching missing
      Add FcPatternEqualSubset for Pango, clean up some internal FcPattern
      Make autoconf use correct options to build solaris shared libraries
      Add FcPatternHash, clean up a few valgrind issues
      Fix fontconfig.pc generation in Imakefile
      Fix incorrect size in memmove call in FcObjectSetAdd that crashed
      Fix compiler warning
      Add a few more families to fonts.conf, make FC_ANTIALIAS less important for
      Add a few aliases suggested by Owen and Mike
      Add ref counting to font config patterns so that FcFontSort return values
      Make fc-cache more tolerant of missing font directories
      Add slanting for fonts without oblique/italic varient. Fix matching code to
      Accidentally falling through several case blocks
      Fix automatic file time checking, transcoding table searches. Actually add
      Oops. Made a mistake when adding config file names to monitor list
      Steal idea for locale-insensitive strtod from glib
      Permit empty charsets in fonts.cache files
      Construct empty constant charsets correctly (using null pointers)
      Add strong/weak pattern value binding, add known charsets for automatic
      Add FC_LANG_UNKNOWN (needed by auto lang-detecting fcfreetype.c)
      Make fc-list more useful
      Make fc-cache avoid reading the whole world full of fonts
      Object list to FcObjectSetBuild wasnt terminated with 0
      Add fc-lang program to generate language coverage tables
      Add coverage documentation files
      Add a few more common font families to the default configuration
      Switch to RFC 3066 based lang names
      Remove at and grave from latin languages, add copyright, license and RCS
      Add fclang.c to CVS; easier than attempting to build it on the fly
      Share more duplicate charset data
      Add walloon, update fclang.c to include recent language additions
      Update iso639-2 language coverage info, fix Georgian orthography to
      Trim ideographic punctuation and Suzhou numerals from zh-tw orthography.
      Use locale data set FC_LANG by default. Reorder FcPattern and FcValueList
      Use presentation forms for arabic matching, fix comment labeling persian
      Remove old FC_LANG constants now that fontconfig uses RFC 3066 based names
      Add devanagari and cyrillic languages. Add Geez
      Missed adding kumyk
      Add nynorsk and bokml, remove double angle quotes from other languages
      Add a bunch more languages that use the Latin alphabet
      Clean up some coverage files; a few accidentally included PUA values and
      Add some Utf16 support, extract font family and style names from name table
      Fix typo in geez (ethiopic) orthography
      Trim ja orthography of a couple codepoints not found in kochi fonts
      Add fclang.c to
      Add ngai tahu specific chars to maori orthography
      Rewrite global cache handling code in fontconfig to eliminate per-file
      Add binding property to edit element
      Fix autoconf build BSD install and sysconfdir problems
      Always install fonts.conf and fonts.dtd, moving any existing fonts.conf to
      Add Latin-1 characters needed by Welsh
      Fix Imakefile to make fclang.h writable
      Uninitialized member of cache structure could lead to non-updated cache
      Update fontconfig manual to match current bits
      Short circuit FcPatternEqual when both args point at the same pattern
      Add Asturian, Old Church Slavonic, Friulian, Manx Gaelic, Cornish, Scots,
      Add Afar, Amharic, Aymara, Bini, Dzongkha, Fijian, Hiri Motu, Interlingua,
      Help message said -v was for --force
      Fix weird first/not-first lameness in font matches, replacing with target
      Clean up French orthography, update 639-1 list of supported languages
      Make missing font directory messages only displayed when verbose
      Various config changes plus a couple of optimizations from Owen
      Memory leak in XML parsing of matrices (thanks Owen)
      Reimplement FC_LANG as FcTypeLang, freeze patterns, other cleanup
      Add contains/not_contains, fix LangSet equal operator to use FcLangEqual
      Add const to a bunch of string APIs
      Append version number to cache file names
      Update ChangeLog, fix some bugs in the man page
      FcLangSetHasLang was not actually checking the language set itself
      Update latin and cyrillic orthographies by comparing those found at
      More complete memory tracking. Install always overwrites header files
      Update ChangeLog with a few notes
      Add more blank glyphs to default config
      Found a few more blank glyphs to add
      Add a bunch more blank glyphs, plus label existing blanks with official
      Add a few more permissable blank glyphs
      Was losing local cached dirs in global cache list
      Add fontversion field
      Fix alignment issue on sparc
      English orthography included 0xd. instead of 0xe. for several codepoints.
      Change comments a bit in
      Add a bunch more consts to Xft and fontconfig apis
      Elide historic cyrillic letters from several orthographies as they are
      Use unique local Imake define for fonts.conf dir (#5482, Mike A. Harris)
      In debugging output, mark weakly bound values with (w)
      Bug #2 If a sub-make fails, then the build will still happily continue. I
      Bug #4 The last entry for the terminator should not be 0xfffa, but 0xfffb.
      Build fclang.h before building library This required compiling the charset
      Fix inconsistent const usage in FcConfigCompareValue
      add shared library support for Tru64 UNIX and IRIX (bug #14)
      Update greek orthography from vvas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Vasilis Vasaitis)
      Avoid crash when $HOME is not set
      Build fc-lang, install local.conf
      Remove Imakefile
      Emphasize that fonts.conf isnt the right place for local configuration
      fontconfig is no longer affiliated with xfree86
      Dont cache directorys until theyve been scanned. Avoids losing subdir
      Make FcStrCmpIgnoreCase a bit faster
      Output langsets and all bindings in debug messages
      Add "same" binding for edits to inherit binding from matched element
      Add prefer_outline hacks to replace bitmap fonts with equivalent outlines
      Have fc-cache skip directories without write access
      Track dirs containing fonts.cache files referenced from ~/.fonts.cache file
      Remove broken fontconfig-config script
      Dont attempt to use cache if NULL
      Switch to automake
      Add .cvsignore file
      Add remaining .cvsignore files
      Allow double or integer for numeric values in matching
      Avoid crashing with null expressions in debug code
      Stop setting FC_SPACING from font hints. Theyre always wrong
      Disable globaladvance for gulim fonts
      Disable globaladvance for batang fonts
      Reformat documentation into sgml for docbook, split into user/devel guides
      Switch to docbook and split documentation into pieces
      Add --disable-docs flag
      Add simple tests
      Add .cvsignore
      make dist works now. Update to 2.1.90 in preparation for eventual 2.2
      Add to the package
      Make default confdir point to sysconfdir
      oops -- X fonts referenced from the wrong place
      Switch back to -version-info for fontconfig as its at minor 0. Add
      Ignore dist files
      Update version to 2.1.91
      Allow multiple directories in --with-add-fonts, by default add only
      Add .cvsignore
      Switch RCS tag label
      Change RCS tag, add FcLangSetContains
      Add letter ranges to speed lang lookups, change CVS tag
      Change RCS tag
      AddFcLangSetContains for font listing, add first-letter table for language
      Add FcLangSetPrint
      use FcToLower instead of tolower
      No longer using config directory
      Use VERSION in
      optimize string compares even more
      switch vesion to version
      Add func doc creation program edit-sgml
      Rework documentation to build man pages for each function
      Add lots more function documentation
      Use <parameter> tags. Add copyrights
      Add copyright
      Finish reformatting developer documentation
      Make documentation build
      Add more to .cvsignore
      Create fontconfig-user.html
      get manuals to install with automake-1.4
      note that default mandir is usually wrong
      distribute man page
      wasnt rebuilding most of the docs
      Add version number to documentation
      Add version number to user doc
      add version.sgml to .cvsignore
      Bump version to 2.1.92
      Ship manual
      Global cache time checking was using wrong file name and computing wrong
      add font widths and extend weight from OS/2 table
      Fix configure arguments (bug 45)
      FcCharSetIsSubset errored on fonts with subsets in early blocks and extra
      bogus libtoolize --version | libtoolize --version
      Avoid crashing on empty test/edit lists
      strtod under some locales requires digits before the decimal
      switch // comment
      Wrong pattern for matching font file names. Fix submitted by
      Set spacing to mono if every encoded glyph is the same width
      Move sample subpixel configuration to local.conf
      update copyright years
      remove -u option to docbook2man which was trashing the .html file
      Bug #46, #47 fontconfig should retrieve type 1 font information from
      Switch to locale-independent string compare function
      Run fc-cache from local dir instead of install dir to help LFS installs (I
      update version number to 2.1.93
      Clean up ps font weight matching and check for NULL
      Fix unary operator parsing. Add floor, ceil, trunc and round unary
      bool was misdeclared in DTD
      Move foundry detection data into fcfreetype.c (which is getting rather
      Search through the BDF properties for width and foundry information
      add some changelog entries
      bump version to 2.1.94
      Add Vera support to default configuration
      Solaris porting fixes
      BDF properties not available until FreeType 2.1.4
      Pass FONTCONFIG_PATH in arguments to get expanded
      Guard calls to FT_Get_BDF_Property to avoid freetype jumping through null
      From James Su -- only part of page 0xff is Latin
      Update to version 2.2.0
      Handle pattern elements moving during multiple edits
      Fix to work with newer automakes
      Use CONFDIR instead of SYSCONFDIR/fonts in manual. Use awk to strip
      Add confdir.sgml to .cvsignore
      Fix docs to close sgml tags
      Oops. Missing newline in .cvsignore
      FcFontList broken when presented a charset - was comparing inclusion in the
      Debug output for unknown ps weight names. ignore italic_angle for PS fonts
      Typo in bitstream foundry name
      Add demi and book postscript weight names. Allow spaces in postscript and X
      Add FC_WEIGHT_BOOK as weight 75
      Add book constant for book weight
      Grub through style to find weight/slant/width values when other techniques
      Add fc-glyphname to compute hash tables for Adobe glyph name to UCS4
      Add .cvsignore in new fc-glyphname dir
      Handle Adobe glyph names for fonts which include ADOBE_CUSTOM encodings
      Add more .cvsignore entries
      Add more .cvsignore entries
      Remove 0b82 and Tamil numbers from tamil orthography (Jungshik Shin
      Add filename-based accept/reject to ammend available fonts.
      Use FcIsWidth to share code
      oops. Left the psfontinfo.weight matching code commented out while testing
      Fix build error with BDF prop local. Free langset after query
      (Bug 87) Automake 1.4 doesn't do man_MAN1 correctly (Bug 88) Fix usage info
      (Bug 85) add support for culmus fonts
      Add fc-match program
      Optimization in FcLangSetIndex was broken, occasionally returning a pointer
      Add fc-match program to demonstrate font matching from the command line
      Add a bunch of ChangeLog entries
      Update to version 2.2.90
      Add FreeFont entries, fix whitespace in (bug 93, from
      Bug 75: dont build docs unless docbook is available. Dont install docs
      Lean on autoconf to find useful FreeType functions (bug 95)
      Allow config->cache to be null (as it is when $HOME is not set)
      Add autoconf checks for FT_Has_PS_Glyph_Names
      Was miscomputing end of string position for FcStrtod in locales with
      Implement new semantics for Contains and LISTING:
      Wrap fcfreetype.h with _FCFUNCPROTOBEGIN/_FCFUNCPROTOEND
      Bug 103 -- FcObjectSetBuild must be terminated by (char *) 0 as varargs are
      Include in EXTRA_DIST
      Tag version 2.2.91
      Attempts to fix 'make distcheck' work. Things are progressing pretty well,
      Yet more cleanups to finish getting 'make distcheck' working This has been
      Update to version 2.2.92
      Switch to FreeType 2.1.7 style includes. Bug #150.
      Add Low Saxon orthography (Kenneth Rohde Christiansen <kenneth@xxxxxxx>)
      Pre-2.1.5 versions of FreeType didn't include y_ppem in the FT_Bitmap_Size
      Ok, so I messed up the test for y_ppem. Let's see if I got it right this
      Supplied by: mfabian@xxxxxxx (Mike FABIAN)
      Force FC_FOUNDRY and FC_WIDTH to always be set so that matches looking for
      Add instructions for doing a release
      Ignore a few more autotool files
      Update to 2.2.94 (2.2.93 shipped with broken libtool bits)
      Extend release preparation instructions to include notification and
      Replace MIN/MAX/ABS macros which happen to have come from FreeType with
      Add FcResultOutOfMemory to provide an accurate error when FcFontSetMatch
      Update for 2.2.95
      Add sh to INSTALL
      Add steps to md5sum release
      Remove comma at end of FcResult enum definition.
      Provided by: Lubos Lunak <l.lunak@xxxxxxx>
      Update for 2.2.96
      Remove spurious / after $(DESTDIR)
      Move existing fonts.conf to fonts.conf.bak
      Fix typo.
      Create FC_FONTFORMAT from FT_Get_X11_Font_Format function where available.
      Check for non-empty face->family_name and face->style_name before using
      Report command line for $srcdir/configure accurately. Bug #212.
      Change default set of fonts to include all of /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts (or
      Just remove the FC_FONTDATE -- it has locale issues and annoys redhat
      Sleep for two seconds before exiting to make sure timestamps for future
      Updates for version 2.2.97
      Update links to new locations
      Change files from ISO-Latin-1 to UTF-8
      Reviewed by: Keith Packard <keithp@xxxxxxxxxx>
      Currently Russian (ru) requires 0406 and 0456 (Ð? and Ñ?), but these were
      Configuration changes to request synthetic emboldening of fonts. The actual
      I changed FcFontSetSort to respect the generic aliases better in the face
      Adopt some RedHat suggestions for standard font configuration.
      Reorder utility programs to make sure fc-case is run before fc-lang as
      Add territory database
      Document ASCII limitations of Fc character conversion macros
      Update for version 2.2.98
      Verify that every font pattern loaded from cache has both FC_FILE and
      Update blanks list (Closes bug 86)
      Add SEE ALSO section (bug 2085)
      Have --with-expat set EXPAT_CFLAGS (bug 2278)
      Polite typechecking for test and edit expressions. Helps catch errors in
      Add a few pointers
      Update for version 2.2.99
      Free patterns from fonts which are rejected by configuration (bug #2518)
      Create prototype /etc/fonts/conf.d directory with a few sample
      Generate and install PDF versions of the manuals
      Update for 2.3.0
      Ignore more build detritus
      Move debian-specific conf file examples upstream.
      Josselin Mouette:
      Rework GSUB/GPOS script parsing to survive broken fonts. Thanks for the
      Include space and remove numbers from valid script tags. This ensures that
      Update for 2.3.1
      Update debian for 2.3.1
      Update to reflect configuration changes
      Don't force bitmap font enable in default configuration; allows users to
      Update for version 2.3.2
      Bump so revision for 2.3.2
      Update date to real 2.3.2 release date. Fix change attributions
      The ka.orth file requires several characters which are not used anymore in
      Move fontconfig source package to libs as per override
      Make FcOpNotContains use FcStrStr for strings so that it matches semantics
      Make path names in cache files absolute (NB, cache format change) Stop
      Eliminate pattern freezing
      Add .gitignore
      Construct short architecture name from architecture signature.
      Write caches to first directory with permission. Valid cache in FcDirCacheOpen.
      Eliminate NormalizeDir. Eliminate gratuitous stat/access calls per dir.
      Add architecture to cache filename.
      Eliminate global cache. Eliminate multi-arch cache code.
      Fix up fc-cache and fc-cat for no global cache changes.
      Eliminate ./ and ../ elements from font directory names when scanning.
      Regenerate x86 line in fcarch.tmpl.h to match change in cache data.
      Add x86-64 architecture and signature.
      During test run, remove cache directory to avoid stale cache usage.
      Add ppc architecture
      Revert to original FcFontSetMatch algorithm to avoid losing fonts.
      Rework cache files to use offsets for all data structures.
      Fix build problems caused by cache rework.
      FcCharSetSerialize was using wrong offset for leaves. Make fc-cat work.
      Rework Object name database to unify typechecking and object lookup.
      Skip broken caches. Cache files are auto-written, don't rewrite in fc-cache.
      Fix fc-cat again. Sigh.
      Use intptr_t instead of off_t inside FcCache structure.
      Serialized value lists were only including one value.
      Automatically remove invalid cache files.
      With no args, fc-cat now dumps all directories.
      Revert ABI changes from version 2.3
      Change $(pkgcachedir) to $(fc_cachedir) in fc-cat and fc-cache
      Allow FcTypeLangSet to match either FcTypeLangSet or FcTypeString.
      Remove stale architecture signatures.
      Pass directory information around in FcCache structure. Freeze charsets.
      Fix fc-lang to use new charset freezer API.
      Fontset pattern references are relative to fontset, not array.
      Add some ignores
      Only rebuild caches for system fonts at make install time.
      Fix memory leaks in fc-cache directory cleaning code.
      Add @EXPAT_LIBS@ to Libs.private in fontconfig.pc (bug 7683)
      Avoid #warning directives on non-GCC compilers. (bug 7683)
      Chinese/Macau needs the Hong Kong orthography instead of Taiwan (bug 7884)
      Add Assamese orthography (as.orth). Bug #8050
      Really only rebuild caches for system fonts at make install time.
      Fonts matching lang not territory should satisfy sort pattern lang.
      Prefer Bitstream Vera to DejaVu families.
      Guess that mac roman names with lots of high bits are actually SJIS.
      Document FC_DEBUG values (bug 6393). Document name \ escape syntax.
      Move Free family names to bottom of respective aliases. (bug 7429)
      Unify directory canonicalization into FcStrAddFilename.
      Allow font caches to contain newer version numbers
      Add FcMatchScan to resolve Delicious font matching issues (bug #6769)
      Fix missing initialization/destruction of new 'scan' target subst list.
      Don't segfault when string values can't be parsed as charsets or langsets.
      Using uninitialized (and wrong) variable in FcStrCopyFilename.
      Oops; missed the 60-delicious.conf file.
      Change version to 2.3.96
      Remove ChangeLog
      Update instructions for doing a release. Autogen ChangeLog from git-log.

Manish Singh:
      FcConfigAppFontClear: Support passing NULL to use default config.
      Cast strlen to int for printf, so we're 64-bit clean.

Marc Aurele La France:
      Warning fixes
      Add missing clean rule
      Warning fixes
      Ident line
      Indent line
      Warning fix
      Fix structure alignment and array wlk bugs
      Pacify gcc 3.2

Matthieu Herrb:
      Don't run fc-cache on make install if DESTDIR is set. Instead; run it from
      $< in a non-implicit rule is a GNU-makeism. It's not supported by BSD make.

Mike A. Harris:
      Replace commented out %define at top of specfile with a comment preceding
      Changed BuildRequires: lines to use %{_bindir} macro instead of hard coded
      Put %post script in {}'s for tidyness, and change the call to fc-cache to
      Reordered %files lists to be a bit tidier. Made -devel package own the
      Updated rpm specfile changelog and Changelog to reflect today's changes
      Added back the configure macro options --disable-docs because otherwise
      Update Changelog
      Updated RPM specfile for 2.1.92 and fixed remaining known spec file issues

Noah Levitt:
      Fixed variable name mistake.
      Testing syncmail yet again.
      Getting closer to fixing /etc/fonts hard-coding.
      Got rid of the newline at the end of the file. It's yucky but, I'm not sure
      Check for an expat function that won't be there if expat is too old.
      Fix expat function check.
      Add new spacing value FC_DUAL (dual-width, as some CJK fonts). (bug #111)
      Add some example usages.

Owen Taylor:
      Sun Mar 2 14:16:17 2003 Owen Taylor <otaylor@xxxxxxxxxx>
      Remove Georgian capitals, they aren't used for normal writing. (Bug #116)
      Add a FC_HINT_STYLE key for patterns, with possible values

Patrick Lam:
      Add functionality to allow fontconfig data structure serialization.
      Convert ObjectPtr from a fat structure to a simple index into an id table;
      Forward port cworth's patch to branch.
      #ifdef out old cache stuff, replace with first version of new mmapping
      Overhaul the serialization system to create one mmapable file per directory
      Reinstate the old global cache code. For the forseeable future, it's
      Replace FcObjectStaticName by FcStrStaticName. Implement serialization of
      Emit and verify machine signature (sizeof (stuff) + endianness) in cache
      Fix compilation error exposed with gcc 2.95.
      Only load requested fonts for fc-cache, and cleanup memory handling:
      Fix embarassing attempt to free a static buffer.
      Apply Matthias Clasen's patch to fix obvious bogosity (i.e. missing
      Fix addressing in the global cache file, preventing infinite loops. Get rid
      Really fix the global cache: make sure we're reading and writing the same
      Robustness fixes: check return values from read and lseek; fix
      Merge with HEAD and finish the GCC 4 cleanups (no more warnings!)
      Add a global binding for the 'render' pattern element used by Xft; the lack
      Revert ill-advised addition of FC_RENDER. Add strategy for handling objects
      Add missing FcValueCanonicalize on call to FcPatternAdd.
      Fix bug when clients use FcNameRegisterObjectTypes; fontconfig was
      Fix more gcc4 warnings:
      Small patch for output in case where lineno not defined.
      Convert fromcode to char[12] from char *.
      Remove debugging printf (oops).
      Update documentation -- fc-cache's man page now says that you need to run
      Add new command-line utility, fc-cat, to convert fonts.cache-2 files into
      Update ChangeLog for 2.3.90.
      Add comment about needing docbook-utils to run make distcheck; hope it'll
      Fix .cvsignore file after copying across directories.
      Allocate room for the subdirectory names in each directory cache. Thanks to
      Don't unlink the fonts.cache-2 file even if there's no data to write; just
      Use FcAtomic to rewrite cache files.
      Update ChangeLog.
      Cast results of sizeof() to unsigned int to get rid of warnings on x86_64
      Fix multi-arch cache files: compute the position for the block to be added
      Use libxml2 if requested (with --enable-libxml2) or if expat is not
      Bump version number to 2.3.91.
      Ensure that a directory cache has the appropriate section before reporting
      Add new API which unlinks directory caches and checks dir caches for
      Implement move-to-front array for banks (perf regression reported by Ronny
      Use libtool -no-undefined flag on all platforms.
      Modify config file to use Greek fonts before Asian fonts with Greek glyphs.
      Fix typo in manually applying patch.
      Add padding to make valgrind and glibc not hate each other when calling
      When fc-cache is run without --force, use directory cache files to speed up
      Fix flipped return value on unlink. (Reported by Mike Fabian)
      Check existence of directory cache file before attempting to unlink.
      Add consts to variables so as to move arrays into .rodata.
      Add valist sentinel markup for FcObjectSetBuild and FcPatternBuild.
      Prevent fc-list from escaping strings when printing them.
      Destroy the global cache file if it's terminally broken. (reported by Mike
      Support localized font family and style names. This has been reported to
      Add some more consts, fixing more GCC4 warnings.
      Only add basename to patterns' FC_FILE element, not any part of the
      Add FC_EMBEDDED_BITMAP object type to tell Xft/Cairo whether to load
      Revert basename patch, which breaks fontconfig clients on my system.
      Reinstate basename patch, but keep a hash table linking FcPatterns to their
      Fix small memory error (tried to free argv); use basename and dirname
      Copy the full pathname whenever duplicating an FcPattern; otherwise,
      Declare the global cache of a directory's contents to be stale if the
      Fix thinko: actually, the whole global cache is stale if the global cache
      Forcibly rescan a directory before writing a fresh local cache file for
      Revert the previous patch and commit the correct patch: I forgot a
      Don't zero out full names for FC_REF_CONSTANT fonts; also, duplicate full
      Change the rule for artificial emboldening in This enables
      Fix warnings and embarrassing double-free error.
      Fix argument ordering problem in call to FcPatternTransferFullFname.
      Bump version to 2.3.92.
      Add test for validity of directory caches that somehow got lost (reported
      Fix bug 2878 (excessive relocations at startup for charsets, reported by
      Add *NeededBytesAlign(), which overestimates the padding which is later
      src/fccache.c (FcDirCacheProduce)
      Don't add current_arch_start more than once.
      Complain about invalid constants in config files.
      Fix crash on invalid constants in config files (forgot to update a pointer
      List iteration not needed in FcConfigValues, since it's building up the
      Don't crash when fc-cat invoked with no arguments.
      Further fix of patch from 2005-11-04: miscounted numbers count
      Get rid of the use of freetype internal headers in fcfreetype.c, since
      Get rid of the use of freetype internal headers in fcfreetype.c, since
      Get rid of the use of freetype internal headers in fcfreetype.c, since
      Manually perform inlining & partial redundancy elimination to reduce calls
      2005-11-23 Frederic Crozat <fcrozat@xxxxxxxxxxxx>: reviewed by: plam
      2005-11-23 Frederic Crozat <fcrozat@xxxxxxxxxxxx>: reviewed by: plam
      Properly apply fcrozat's patch.
      Inline FcDebug invocations and only initialize once, in FcInit*. Improve
      Make FcCompareString and FcCompareFamily less expensive. Only add a value
      Move FC_BANK_DYNAMIC, FC_BANK_FIRST to internal header.
      Fix the debian changelog so that debian/rules works again, make it create a
      Inline the *PtrU functions to gain perf. Remove unneeded params for the
      Pass around FcCache *s to the Unserialize functions for extra consistency
      Pass the FcObjectPtr to FcCompareValueList, not the char * (perf).
      Rename fcpatterns, fcpatternelts, fcvaluelists to _fcPatterns,
      Don't do random matching when bad objects are passed into
      Fix incorrect merge.
      Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> Michael Matz <matz@xxxxxxx> reviewed by: plam
      Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> reviewed by: plam
      Fix problem dating back at least to 2.3.2 where globs weren't being applied
      Update autogenerated config.* files.
      Fix segfault.
      Don't make FcPatternFindFullFname available to fccfg, it's not really safe.
      Make the perf guys hate me a bit less: hoist the directory-name
      Refactor FcCacheBankToIndex into an inlineable part (in fcint.h) which
      src/fcint.h (FcCacheBankToIndex);
      Only add a config file to the set of config files once.
      Add config file for Persian fonts from Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc.
      Add codepath for reading global cache files as well.
      Don't free strings that have been returned from FcStrStaticName.
      Don't assign types to user object names.
      Fix warnings.
      Because we've changed FcPatternAddString to use FcStrStaticName and not
      Migrate cache files from fonts directories to /var/cache/fontconfig. This
      Fix crash reported by Frederic Crozat when using libxml2.
      Improve error message when fc-cache can't write the cache. Add missing
      Read and write the original location as a fallback for the hashed cache
      Restore code to skip over PCF fonts that have no encoded characters. (We
      Bump version to 2.3.93.
      Avoid check on _fcBankId nullness and fix case where it used to crash.
      Shut up GCC warnings on amd.
      Fix version of .cache file (currently 1 -> currently 2). Reported by Jim
      Fix version of .cache file (currently 1 -> currently 2). Reported by Jim
      Fix double-free which occurs because FcValueCanonicalize doesn't create an
      Add self to AUTHORS list.
      Print out full pathname in fc-match -v as well. Reported by Frederic
      Properly skip past dir caches that contain zero fonts (as occurs in global
      Fix matching bug when multiple elements match; don't use the sum of all
      Fix matching bug when multiple elements match; don't use the sum of all
      Normalize font dirs by using the form, as given in fonts.conf, and recorded
      Explicitly add font dirs to config.fontDirs even if they're empty. Set
      Compare device numbers as well as inodes. Always normalize directory names
      Fix segfault when consuming zero-length caches in fc-cat (which has no
      Properly order the FcConfigAddFontDir and FcConfigNormalizeFontDir calls to
      Fix for unaligned memory accesses.
      Fix memory leaks reported by Ronny V. Vindenes.
      Treat zh-hk fonts differently from zh-tw fonts. This patch may cause
      Fix additional memory leaks reported by Ronny V. Vindenes: don't invoke
      Stop trampling the directory name when writing out caches. (with Mike
      Don't crash on non-existant directories in global cache.
      Add a couple of missing normalizations to make fc-cache work right; only
      Move FcConfigNormalizeFontDir call so that it doesn't result in infinite
      Add documentation for FcConfigNormalizeFontDir.
      Fix global cache reads of subdirectories.
      Fix world's tiniest typo in code example.
      Remove references to dead fontconfig(3) manpages in other fontconfig
      Make fccache more resilient to broken cache files by checking return value
      Update fc-cat to handle subdir lists in global cache file.
      Make global cache work again after putting dir names into global cache (I
      Don't stop scanning if a directory in fonts.conf doesn't exist, because
      Actually use the directories that I added to the global cache. Fixes 'make
      Toast broken global cache files.
      Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> reviewed by: plam
      Fix double free in error case.
      Gracefully handle the case where a cache asserts that it has a negative
      src/fccfg.c (FcConfigAppFontAddFile, FcConfigAppFontAddDir)
      src/fccache.c (FcGlobalCacheLoad, FcGlobalCacheSave, FcDirCacheConsume,
      Make 'make distcheck' work with automake 1.6.3.
      Insert check for integer overflow in # of fonts.
      Explain apples/oranges comparison and fix compilation error.
      Don't rescan when trying to normalize a non-declared font dir. Don't add
      Hoist FcFileIsDir check out of FcFileScanConfig loop.
      Skip subdirs when skipping over stale bits of global cache. Introduce state
      Don't loop infinitely on recursive symlinks.
      Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxx>
      Remove de-escaping logic because FcCacheWriteString doesn't escape anyway.
      Fix hidden variable warning.
      src/fccharset.c (FcLangCharSetPopulate, FcCharSetInsertLeaf)
      Perf optimizations. Inline FcValueCanonicalize, reduce FcValueListPtrU
      Don't reject dirs that can't be normalized (fixes lilypond, and is correct
      Fix warning.
      Fix problem with missing 'en' due to euro.patch: change cache file format
      Fix attempt to close -1. Don't unboundedly grow bad caches (reported by
      Define and pass O_BINARY to open if appropriate, for those platforms that
      Don't kill fonts because they don't declare an element that's being matched
      Use a tri-state to mark the fonts which didn't get blocked but were just
      Try to open /var/cache/fontconfig/[hashed name] before fonts.cache-2 in a
      Skip bitmap fonts which can't even get it together enough to declare a
      Fix memory leak in error condition code.
      Don't bail if fontconfig can't remove a dir cache file. Skip the ID of a
      Add -r --really-force option which blows away cache files and then
      Deal correctly with changing FC_CACHE_MAGIC.
      Enable fc-cat to print out old-style cache info when given a directory
      Bump up magic version; we changed the binary format.
      Fix segfault (reported by fcrozat) caused by incorrect input on cache
      Fix the underlying cause of the below segfault (must usually call
      Initialize fontconfig library in fc-cat to avoid segfault.
      Freeze patterns created by configuration file for tiny memory savings
      Remove one more archaic character.
      Eliminate unused vars reported by Intel's compiler.
      Eliminate redundancies.
      Use embeddedbitmap rather than rh_prefer_bitmap.
      Pass the buck; make fontconfig not crash on pango badness.
      Allocate large arrays statically in fc-lang to fix crashes under
      Strip \r and whitespace from input; fixes bug 3454.
      Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxx> reviewed by: plam
      Remove unconditional emboldening (per Behdad's instructions).
      Bump version to 2.3.94.
      Fix placement of @s.
      Fix suspicious return expression which causes junk to be returned.
      Get rid of C++-style comments.
      Fix compilation on AIX with stub definitions (bug 6097).
      More stub definitions and remove FcFileIsDir from fc-cat.
      Include inttypes.h instead of stdint.h if appropriate.
      Ok, so some people (wine!) use FcPatternGet to fetch FC_FILE. Make that
      Because we hacked FcPatternGet, we don't really need to expand the filename
      Remove stuff we don't use, make get_{char,short,long} functions of ftglue
      Sort directory entries while scanning them from disk; prevents Heisenbugs
      Add a configuration file that disables hinting for the Lohit Gujarati font
      Add orthography for Lingala.
      Fix for removal of debian/ directory.
      Fix typos in orth files. Reported by Denis Jacquerye.
      On Windows, unlink before rename. Reported by Tim Evans.
      Fix multiarch support (don't destroy multiarch files!)
      Fix intel compiler warnings: make many variables static, eliminate
      Reduce amount of dirty rss by const'ing some data structures.
      Update documentation for fc-match (SGML-ize it). (reported by Ilya
      Eliminate warning.
      Patrick Lam <plam@xxxxxxx>
      Move up #include of config.h. Fail if neither inttypes.h nor stdint.h is
      Portability fixes for HP-UX (reported by Christoph Bauer). Replace
      SGI compilation fixes (reported by Christoph Bauer):
      LD_ADD missing dependencies for binaries. Reported by Edson Alves Pereira.
      Fix double free (spotted by Coverity, CID #1965).
      src/fcdir.c (FcDirScanConfig) Don't leak in error cases (Coverity defects
      Don't leak header in non-error case (Coverity defect #1825).
      Fix string memory leak (Coverity defect #1823).
      Swap typo in order of ALIGN and dereferencing, fixing bug 6529.
      Include more stub definitions to make HP-UX's C compiler happy.
      Survive missing docbook2pdf.
      Properly convert static charsets to dynamic charsets.
      Missing bits from previous patches.
      Don't crash if config is null (Coverity defect #984).
      Fix bad behaviour on realloc resulting in crash.
      Fix memory leak (Coverity defect #2089).
      Add an alias 'Standard Symbols L' for 'Symbol'.
      Actually, just add URW fonts as aliases for all of the PostScript fonts.
      Fix Gecko-exposed segfault from my last hack to FcObjectToPtrLookup.
      Give the 'Standard Symbols L' match a strong (vs. weak) binding.
      Bail gracefully if the cache file does not contain enough data.
      Bump version to 2.3.95.
      Dominic Lachowicz <cinamod@xxxxxxxxxxx>
      Prevent terrible perf regression by getting the if-condition right
      Include $(top_srcdir), $(top_srcdir)/src before anything else.
      Include $(top_srcdir), $(top_srcdir)/src before anything else.
      Fix the issues with GNU libiconv vs. libc iconv (which especially appear on
      Really update for 2.3.95.
      Keith Packard <keithp@xxxxxxxxxx>
      2006-04-27 Paolo Borelli (pborelli@xxxxxxxxxxxx) reviewed by: plam
      2006-05-31 Yong Li (rigel863@xxxxxxxxx) reviewed by: plam, Bedhad Esfahbod
      2006-07-19 Jon Burgess (jburgess@xxxxxxxxxxx) reviewed by: plam
      2006-08-04 Keith Packard (keithp@xxxxxxxxxx) reviewed by: plam

Roozbeh Pournader:
      Fixed a bug "FcStrtod" in handling some cases with two-byte decimal
      Added orthographies for Iranian Azerbaijani and Kurdish, and Pashto (Afghan

Ross Burton:
      Put all FcPattern objects though FcObjectStaticName and do pointer trather
      Check that a pattern isn't already frozen in FcPatternFreeze

Tor Lillqvist:
      Changes for Windows:
      Changes for Windows:
      Add share/doc directory. Add Fc*.3 man pages.
      Check also for DLL_EXPORT as indication of being built as a DLL on Win32.
      Fix cut&paste error.
      Trivial braino.
      Remove CRs from the out file before comparing (needed on Windows).
      fontconfig, at least as used by GIMP and/or PangoFT2 on Windows, crashes
      Get the DLL from "bin" where modern libtools put it, not "lib".
      Add the .dll to the dll name.

Torrey Lyons:
      On Darwin add Mac font directories to fonts.conf.

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