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After three reasonably solid days of fontconfig hacking, here's what
diffstat says:

37 files changed, 3203 insertions(+), 4593 deletions(-)

Here's what's changed:

 1) cache files are per-arch.

        Cache files no longer contain multiple architecture sections,
        instead the filenames make them unique.
 2) no more per-user global cache file

        Instead, use the cache directory configuration to create a
        per-user cache directory which will be used to hold cache files
        when the user doesn't have write access to the global cache
 3) replaced bankid/index with offsets

        Pointers used within cache files are now just offsets from the
        base of the enclosing data structure. This makes them position
        independent without requiring any additional data structures.
        This has effectively removed a whole pile of compile-time
        typechecking, which is unfortunate.
 4) Revert ABI/API changes since 2.3
        Most of the changes were related to internal fontconfig tools;
        those changes have been migrated to the fcint.h internal header
        which is now included by all of the tools. This means that the
        tools and the library must be distributed together; no ABI
        guarantees are offered for APIs not exposed in fontconfig.h

At this point, I'm running it on my laptop and it seems to be working.
Of course, given the diffstat above, I'd sure like to see a lot more
testing before any kind of release is promised. And, I also expect to
work through the bugs in bugzilla to clean things up a bit.

All of this work has occurred on the fc-2_4-keithp branch; I may merge
that to the fc-2_4_branch if things look reasonably stable in a day or

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