Re: Preliminary changes along proposed line

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>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Packard <keithp@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Keith> I've pushed a branch fc-2_4-keithp into the repository which has all of
Keith> the proposed changes implemented:

Make fails for me.

It looks like the x86 sig in fc-arch/fcarch.tmpl.h was generated
before src/fcint.h was updated to add the .pos and .count members.

So, I presume this patch is required for the fc-2_4-keithp branch:

:; git diff
diff --git a/fc-arch/fcarch.tmpl.h b/fc-arch/fcarch.tmpl.h
index fe95e51..d8ecdb1 100644
--- a/fc-arch/fcarch.tmpl.h
+++ b/fc-arch/fcarch.tmpl.h
@@ -29,4 +29,4 @@
 @@@ use something reasonable and don't include any spaces
 @@@ name    endian   char     char*    int      Pattern  EltPtr   Elt *    Elt      ObjPtr   VLPtr    Value    Binding  VL *     CharSet  Leaf**   Char16 * Char16   Leaf     Char32   Cache    PageSize
-x86	    78563412_00000001_00000004_00000004_00000018_00000008_00000004_0000000c_00000004_00000008_0000000c_00000004_00000004_00000014_00000004_00000004_00000002_00000020_00000004_00000030_00001000
+x86	    78563412_00000001_00000004_00000004_00000018_00000008_00000004_0000000c_00000004_00000008_0000000c_00000004_00000004_00000014_00000004_00000004_00000002_00000020_00000004_00000038_00001000

updating the sizeof(FcCache) field for the new, larger, struct size.

James Cloos <cloos@xxxxxxxxxxx>         OpenPGP: 0xED7DAEA6
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