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I reported this problem to the fontconfig list once before but failed to raise a response.

Perhaps the problem is specific to Fedora? Could somebody try to reproduce?

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John Ellson a écrit :
David Turner wrote:
Hello John,

I suspect the problem is fontconfig.

I'm a graphviz developer, and dot, which is a command line utility from graphviz, uses: pango+cairo+fontconfig+freetype Every time I run dot it opens 940 files in /var/cache fontconfig just to resolve "Times-Roman" !

$ strace dot 2>&1 | grep open | grep /var/cache/fontconfig | wc
       940    3760   79900

Its not a problem specific to graphviz, or even cairo. The fontconfig utility fc-match has the same problem:

$ strace /usr/bin/fc-match serif 2>&1 | grep open | grep /var/cache/fontconfig | wc
       940    3760   79900

Perhaps this doesn't matter much for a gui appplication, but its a major problem for command line, or web-server applications.

A recent version of fontconfig should be able to use a global cache, instead of having to re-open all font files on startup. Moreover, FreeType 2.2.1 and later contain several speed-ups that might affect performance
positively when opening a lot of font files.

it'd be interesting to know which versions of these libraries you're using.

I'm using the latest available version on Fedora Development:

this is quite strange, please forward this to the fontconfig mailing list, they must be made aware of the problem.

Hope this helps,

- David

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