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While I can see the need for a ban on unicode codepoint sets, I think many end users will find that horribly difficult to use and set up. With the patch that I am providing, you can accomplish the same basic goal without nearly as much hardship. I suspect it is easier to look up what languages a font supports, than what the unicode codepoint set is.

Additionally, if you ban an entire language from a font, then the language will be displayed with a different font and have a better chance of looking consistent. If you ban a codepoint set, unless you get the entire language coverage, you run the risk of having two fonts display your text, which would likely look bad.

I would be happy to help work on a unicode codepoint set ban, but I would like to see this patch, or something similar go into fontconfig as well.



Keith Packard wrote:

On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 16:15 -0700, Jay Hobson wrote:

The patch adds two new tags to supported XML tag list. The tags work in conjuction with other tags already present in the library. The tags require fonts.conf or its included counterparts to be amended, detailing languages to restrict in specified families. The first added tag "hide" documents which languages are restricted from use for the family. The second tag "only" documents which languages the family is allowed to support.

We've been discussing this here at Guadec and decided that what we
really want to do is ban unicode codepoint sets from certain fonts. As
fontconfig computes said ranges, it should be reasonably easy to add a
match/edit phase to font scanning and edit the unicode codepoint set
before creating the cache file. It means that changes to this would
require manual regeneration of the cache, but it also means that the
glyphs wouldn't ever be shown from those fonts as higher level libraries
use that codepoint set to select fonts for each glyph.


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