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O/H Nicolas Mailhot έγραψε:

Here is the solution I've arrived for Fedora Extras DejaVu packaging :
- making DejaVu the fontconfig default
- optionally substituting other fonts for Arabic or Farsi, for people
unsatisfied with DejaVu current Arabic block

I'm far from sure this is the right solution or a simpler one is not
possible, but unless a fontconfig guru will point me to a better
solution this is the one which will ship in FE next week (and possibly
later in FC6). I've gone as far as I could alone.
I am not sure if languages based on the Arabic script differentiate with Sans, Serif or Monospace.

A discussion on Fonts at the OLPC wiki ( gives strong hints
that at least Arabic does not care about Sans, Serif and Monospace.

If they do not differentiate, then it would be simpler to merely set the font to a specific one based
on the language (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, etc).


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