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Le samedi 10 juin 2006 à 14:30 -0700, Keith Packard a écrit :

> What you probably want here is to prefer fonts which support Chinese to
> those supporting only Japanese or Korean. What I do is ensure that in
> the face of no language information provided by the application, I add
> *both* English and Japanese to the pattern.

Hi Keith,

Do you also have an answer for me? Pretty please?

I need to tell fontconfig if language=foo prefer this font (list)
instead of the default list in sans... aliases

(some users are quite vocal in wanting to force a particular font for
their script, it's not possible to make *all* of them at the top of
fontconfig priorities and making the decision based on glyph coverage is
no good at all. A font may have pretty glyphs for one unicode block -
pushing it to the top of the font list - and bad/average/incomplete
glyphs for another. If you put it on top you discriminate against the
people using the second glyphs, if you put it to the bottom you
discriminate against users of the first glyphs)


Nicolas Mailhot

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