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Why don't you edit ~/.fonts.conf and add the full path?


Rupa Kamoji wrote:

Can anybody please help me in solving this problem? It has become an
urgent issue for me....

Thanks and Regards,


_____ From: Rupa Kamoji Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 6:46 PM
To: fontconfig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Specifying location of fontfiles in fonts.conf file.


When I install fontconfig on any Soalris or Linux machine, a directory
called "fonts" is created in /usr/local. This directory has a file
"fonts.conf". In this file on line number 26, there is a listing of
directories in which fontconfig will look for font files.
Now, I want to add a directory of mine in which I have installed all the
fonts. For example as below:


Where $MYFONTFILES is an environment variable which has some directory
path assigned to it.

Specifying the path using an environment variable is not working.
Fontconfig is not able to get the value of this environment variable. If
I specify a full path, it is able to get the fontfiles, for example as


Can you please help me in specifying the path using an environment
variable? How will I use environment variable to specify the path? This
is required for me so that I don't want my customers to set this path in
fonts.conf file.
Thanks and Regards,



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