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On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Patrick Lam wrote:

> You have found a bug in fontconfig in that make install fails if it
> can't make the {localstatedir}/fontconfig directory.  I don't know how
> to fix that bug, but I'd welcome patches.  You just need to find the
> line where it creates the directory and add a -; the complication is
> that we go through automake, etc.

[behdad@home fontconfig-2_4_branch]$ grep pkgcache `find -name`
./fc-cache/ = -DPKGCACHEDIR='"${pkgcachedir}"'
./fc-cache/ $(mkinstalldirs) "$(DESTDIR)$(pkgcachedir)"
./fc-cache/ $(RM) -rf "$(DESTDIR)$(pkgcachedir)"
./fc-cat/ = -DPKGCACHEDIR='"${pkgcachedir}"'
./src/ = -DPKGCACHEDIR='"${pkgcachedir}"'

Seems like all you need is to protect the RM command against

> pat


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