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Rich Baumann wrote:

	I need fontconfig to return only scalable fonts from FcFontMatch but
I've been unable to figure out how to do so. I've tried adding
FC_SCALABLE, FcTrue to the search pattern, but if the first (or only)
matching family name in the search pattern is for a bitmap font,
fontconfig returns a pattern for that font, even if a later family name
in the search pattern matches a scalable font. Am I missing something in
the API, or is it not possible to get the behavior I need? I've been
told that there's a way to build fontconfig so that it doesn't support
bitmap fonts, however this is for use in a graphics library, not just
for my personal use, so that's a non-option.

As I understand it, the problem is that you're specifying a match pattern that contains multiple elements, say, :family=sans:scalable=true. It doesn't know whether you wanted to match on family or scalable, so it arbitrarily picks one of these for you to match on.

Try using FcFontSort and then throwing out the fonts that don't contain FC_SCALABLE=true; that is, iterate through the list and pick the first font in the sorted list which is scalable.


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