Re: Porting, binary files, and releases

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Patrick Lam wrote:
The GLib mmap wrapper just does

#ifndef _O_BINARY
#define _O_BINARY 0

This doesn't quite get us any further ahead; I'd imagine that some
config-fu would be involved in doing the right thing on a variety of

Ops, I thought that O_BINARY is a common, standard thing, but now I see that it's only for CRLF'd platforms.

After a quick research, it seems to me that the value of O_BINARY is platform specific (and even compiler specific), and in my case (InnoTek GCC on OS/2) it's defined to be 0x00020000. However it should be simply skipped for platforms where there is no such thing as text and binary file, so why not define it to be 0 in cases where it's not defined?

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