Re: [PATCH] fix crashes on malformed fonts.cache

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On Saturday 04 February 2006 00:05, Patrick Lam wrote:

> Other places probably ought to be fixed similarly, although this is
> unlikely to happen by chance.

I'll submit patches once I get around to do it. 

> > -    if (nfont > 0)
> > +    if (nfont > 0 && s->nfont < s->nfont + nfont)
> I'm about to commit the correct version of this patch, which doesn't
> include the inadvertently wholly redundant check...

I'm sorry, but the check is not redundant. nfont is signed integer, and above 
protects against an integer overflow. 

A whole better check would be to sanitize it to be < bytes_left_in_the_cache, 
since one can assume that each font eats at least one byte, but I found that 
much harder to check for..

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