[Fontconfig] Creating cachedir

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Keith Packard wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 08:45 -0500, Patrick Lam wrote:
>>How about just: if you can't create the cache file in 
>>/var/cache/fontconfig, then create it in its original location?  Then 
>>when we try to open a cache file, we obviously need to try the original 
>>location first.  This is not quite as good as separating per-user and 
>>root caches, but it may be good enough.  Comments?
> Yes, this seems right.

I've committed this.  It can be fooled if the original location contains
a stale cache and the hashed location contains an up-to-date cache.  Oh
well!  You'll just have to use the global cache in that case.


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