[Fontconfig] Problem with the 9x18 XFree86 bitmap font

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Patrick Lam wrote:
> If you put the following into your ~/.fonts.conf, it'll make the "ja" 
> Fixed fonts go away.
> <rejectfont>
>  <pattern>
>   <patelt name="family">
>     <string>Fixed</string>
>   </patelt>
>   <patelt name="lang">
>     <string>ja</string>
>   </patelt>
>  </pattern>
> </rejectfont>

Not working :-(

I managed to make myself a handy "9x18" alias to my favorite editing
fonts 9x18.pcf.gz and 9x18B.pcf.gz, excluding all the other junk:

    <test name="family"><string>9x18</string></test>
    <edit name="family"><string>Fixed</string></edit>
    <edit name="pixelsize"><int>18</int></edit>
    <edit name="lang" mode="append"><string>ro</string></edit>

I don't have a clue what kind of language 'ro' is (maybe Romanian?)
it's just one that 9x18 and 9x18B cover and the others don't!
I've put it in 'append' mode so that requesting e.g. 9x18:lang=ja
correctly yields an 18 pixel high font covering ja: 18x18ja.pcf.gz

Still, I'd like to know if there's a more general approach for changing
the priorities of the different fonts and who should do it (certainly
not the end user.)  I mean, why did I have to ask for an uncommon
language just to select 9x18.pcf.gz, which is the most plain and generic
of all the pizelsize:18 fonts?


UNIX is a lever for the intellect.
			-John R. Mashey

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