Re: FC5 -> FC6 - is a clean install or upgrade the best path?

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Most recently on one of our servers I have upgraded from FC5 > FC6 and yes you
do not get all the "bells and whistles". What it does is upgrade the core, and
rpm modules installed to the FC6 corresponding rpm's.  A re-install will
definently be the best and give you all the bells and whistles. However on our
one server that was upgraded to FC6 I have way to many custom scripts and
configs to redo.  Was looking forward to the eye candy provided from FC6.
However manually installing some of these nice additions manually via yum
should not be an issue? Anyone have a "yum install" list of what they have
done to make use of the extra's from FC6 after an upgrade would be most

On another note I have noticed a nice OS speed increase and gui stability
within Gnome which is very nice!


Jim Clarke

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 10:25:43 -0800, W.John Guineau wrote
> I know this is probebly not the most appropriate list, but probably 
> the most informed...
> I've done an "upgrade" to a new major Fedora version in the past and 
> it seems you are not left with all the new "bells and whistles" of 
> the newer version.
> Is an upgrade from FC5->FC6 virtually the same result as a clean FC6 
> install
> (and reinstall/setup of my environment)?
> If clean install, how can I most easily preserve things like user accounts
> etc. when all are on the same disk?
> john
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