Re: HZ value changed from 250 to 1000 in the latest updated kernel

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On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 19:21:07 +0300, Dmitry Butskoy <buc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >The setting of 250 in the Fedora 
> >kernel was more of an accident/experiment that we forgot to remove. 
> But it seems that vanilla kernel has default of 250, see 
> kernel/Kconfig.hz ...
> "100 - servers, 1000 - desktops, 250 - compromise" ...
> I just doubt a little about my live smp-servers :)

We can't please everyone. People playing video at their systems noticed
the difference (I did, for one). There's a solution (a palliative actually)
on the horizon, called "HZ divider", which allows servers basically to
turn their ticks down without affecting user seen HZ. So, Dave figured
that setting this 1000 now will allow to introduce this patch later
when it congeals. At least this is how I take his reasoning (please
correct me - I didn't look into the actual patch).

The right solution is the tickless kernel, but it was in the works
for years. Who knows when that appears.

-- Pete

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