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The Fedora Core 3 freeze is coming soon, so it's time again for the
frantic activities of a Bug Week. This time with community participation.
The idea is to fix as many bugs as possible in the week from Sunday,
September 26th till Friday, October 1st.  Yes, it starts this weekend...

The goal of Bug Week is to fix as many of the annoying bugs out there
as possible, so Fedora Core 3 ends up being a nice distribution without
rough edges.  We're going for quantity here, trying to fix all the
easily fixable bugs that annoy users.  Of course, if you have a fix for
a harder to resolve problem, you're more than welcome to contribute it!

Developers:   you can help by fixing bugs and reviewing the proposed
              fixes that other people mail to the fedora-patches-list,
              or that get attached to bugzilla.  Packaging bugs are
              another category where we can use your help.
Testers:      you can help by verifying whether old bugs are still present
              in rawhide, as well as by testing proposed fixes sent in by
Bug triagers: you can help by gathering information on NEEDINFO bugs, as
              well as by helping assess the importance of bugs.
Everybody:    this is a chance to get the bugs fixed that you care about!

Developers from all engineering groups in Red Hat are standing by
to fix bugs together with you, to apply submitted bug fixes and to
make test RPMs available on the Bug Week repositories.

To participate in Bug Week, you can use the normal channels of

- For discussion: fedora-devel-list, fedora-tools-list, fedora-test-list
- For proposed patches: fedora-patches-list (so others have a chance
  of reviewing the proposed patches and verifying that they are ok)
- For verified patches: bugzilla (to keep track of the patch)
- IRC: #fedora-bugweek on irc.freenode.net

If you want to nominate a bug for being fixed this Bug Week, please
send an email to me (riel@xxxxxxxxxx) and the owner of the bug that
you want to nominate for the Bug Week must-fix list.  Note that bugs
will only be accepted for the Bug Week must-fix list if there is a
realistic chance of fixing them this week.

More information will be available soon, on:

Developers, remember to subscribe to fedora-patches-list:

You can track our progress on the FC3 Bug Week Tracker bug:

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