Re: X11 graphical console failure to start

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On 1/3/24 21:19, Samuel Sieb wrote:
On 2024-01-03 10:28, Robert McBroom wrote:
Graphical console is failing to start with the XKEYBOARD keymap compiler (xkbcomp) b complaining that

Could not resolve keysym XR86CameraAccessEnable

Could not resolve keysym XR86CameraAccessDisable

Could not resolve keysym XR86CameraAccessToggle

Could not resolve keysym XR86NextElement

Could not resolve keysym XR86PreviousElement

Could not resolve keysym XR86AutopilotEngageToggle

Those messages should not stop X from starting.

System is updated rawhide in QEMU KVM VM on a f39 system with NVIDIA 710 graphics

Is it rawhide or is it F39?

It is a virtual machine on a host
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