Re: [Fedora Rawhide][x86 MacBook] Can’t boot after dnf system-upgrade 39 to Rawhide

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> Can you display the GRUB menu (listing all the installed kernels), when you
> repeatedly press F8 after starting the laptop?

I tried, and as far as I could tell repeatedly pressing F8 did not display the GRUB menu. I started pressing as soon as I selected the partition.

> (A question is whether Mac keyboard actually sends F8 by default, perhaps connect an external one).

I don't think it does by default, but pressing F8 when booting Fedora 39 does display the GRUB menu.

> If you decide to reinstall F39 on that laptop, I'd recommend just
> continuing testing with Rawhide ISOs, so that you don't break your system
> again needlessly. The ISO needs to boot, that's a prerequisite. If it
> doesn't, please file a bug and link it here, we'll make it a blocker bug
> for Fedora 40.

Sure, here is the report:

> Thanks for testing.

My pleasure!
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