Re: Partitioning in VirtualBox using FedoraCore 40

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On 10/10/23 21:32, George R Goffe via test wrote:
This is a VirutalBox/Fedora system.. Hmmmmm. I'm wondering what's chanced and where. It's curious though. Where is the Firmware in a Virtual Machine? :-)

The firmware is provided by the virtual machine. I don't know about virtualbox, but with kvm/qemu you can choose the firmware file to boot.

I can safely say that I've never typed this string "/boot/efi".

This almost feels like something is now being enforced or some border condition is now being checked.

I assume that virtualbox is defaulting to UEFI booting now.
But also be aware that if you boot in legacy mode, the Fedora installer will still insist on GPT partitioning and you will need a biosboot partition.
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