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On Tue, 2023-09-05 at 12:30 +0200, Kamil Paral wrote:
> Lately we've seen a surge of FTI (fails to install) bugs being proposed as
> freeze exceptions [1] [2]. We generally grant them, because we want the
> base repo to be in a consistent and buildable state. However, I wonder,
> isn't this approach mostly relevant for the Final release? Does it make
> sense to also have this approach for Beta?
> The reason why I'm thinking about this is because of course there's some
> work connected with granting and processing these freeze exceptions (FEs).
> But at the same time, updates-testing is enabled by default, so users can
> get the fixed versions immediately, and the fixes can be pushed stable
> right after the Beta freeze is over. Is the extra FE-related work justified?

updates-testing is not enabled by default for the upgrade.

The upgrade process uses whatever repos are enabled *in the current
configuration*. So in the "typical" case, you are upgrading from a
stable Fedora release with default repo configuration, in which
updates-testing is not enabled. Thus updates-testing is not used for
the upgrade.

This is why we have the policy of accepting clean FTI fixes during Beta

I'd like to propose an alternative change: we should make clean FTI
cases "automatic freeze exceptions". By "clean" I mean cases where the
package was, practically speaking, useless before the fix. Cases where
it's just one subpackage of a larger package that was FTI should still
be manually checked, especially if the changes are larger than just a
straight targeted fix to that subpackage (e.g. a version bump).

That way I or Frantisek or whoever can just tag them accepted as they
come in and we don't have to bother voting...
> Or perhaps we can grant FTI FEs automatically? Either always, or in some
> cases?

...oh yeah, that. :D
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