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On Mon, 24 Jul 2023 08:54:56 +0100
Onyeibo Oku <onyeibo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Greetings
> I am getting kernel panics after recent updates.  Strangely, lots of
> things are also broken (e.g. Python 3.12 getting mixed up with 3.11,
> virtual environments, etc.).  I suspect the update did not conclude
> properly because dnf5 tends to stop midway when it encounters an
> issue.
> So, I ran a "dnf check".
> What do you know?  "check" command appears to be absent in dnf5. I
> think my local repo (RPMs) are in a bad state.  I am running Rawhide.
> Any ideas?

You are experiencing the hiccups that rawhide experiences when major
changes are introduced.  If you wait for a period of time, the
packagers will probably resolve most of these, so it will be easier to
put your system back in a coherent state.  Not always feasible, so ...

I am not familiar with dnf5, so I don't know if any of the below
is applicable, because I have seen comments suggesting that the options
available are not the same as for dnf 3/4.

First, try just restarting dnf as usual, using -x to exclude the
problematic package on the command line. It used to pick up where it
left off in that case.
dnf -x [problem package, possibly with \* for glob] update
You might have to add -x for subsequent problem packages until update
completes. An alternative is --skip-broken, but it isn't exactly the
same, so I prefer the -x technique because it removes the package from
consideration before the calculation of whether it is broken or not.

Then I would run a 
dnf --distro-sync
to ensure that everything is at the latest available version and remove
all the older versions.  The first command should leave the system in
a state that this is redundant, if it succeeds, but belt and suspenders.

If the rpm database needs fixing,
rpm --rebuilddb
to put it back in sync with what is installed.
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