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I usually run DNF via an automation script of mine, and I noticed it complained there was no /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file available (my script checks it and warns if there are active excludes in it).

My dnf.conf had become dnf.conf.rpmnew which is why my automation script complained. However /usr/bin/dnf was still pointing at dnf-3, not dnf5.

So it disabled my config for dnf-3 but didn't migrate me over all the way to dnf5?

Should I manually point the dnf link to dnf5?

As a separate issue, I do have an active exclude (coreutils, pending a revert of a recent change that introduced an undesirable feature). Where does one put the "exclude=coreutils" in a dnf5 world? Note right now I don't have a functioning /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file (it got renamed to dot rpmnew)

Ian Laurie
FAS: nixuser | IRC: nixuser
TZ: Australia/Sydney
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