Re: coreutils in Rawhide ~ behavior change to the -v option on cp?

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On Mon, Apr 24, 2023 at 11:46:25AM +1000, Ian Laurie wrote:
> It looks to me like there has been a recent change to the verbose reporting
> option on the cp command.
> Previously (and still in Fedora 38) the -v option will report on files
> actually copied, but ignores files not copied (for example when -v is used
> with -u).
> However in Rawhide the -v option now reports on files skipped when used with
> -u, which has made a big mess of many of my bash scripts.
> Anyone know if there is some trick to reverting traditional behavior?

According to the NEWS file in coreutils-9.3, I see this:

** Changes in behavior

  'cp -n' and 'mv -n' now issue an error diagnostic if skipping a file,
  to correspond with -n inducing a nonzero exit status as of coreutils 9.2.
  Similarly 'cp -v' and 'mv -v' will output a message for each file skipped
  due to -n, -i, or -u.

So it looks like behavior has changed.

David Cantrell <dcantrell@xxxxxxxxxx>
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