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F38 updgrade was smooth, but 2 minor Bug's:
 some (not all) programs now do not start in fullscreen mode, e.g. Thunderbird (closed in full screen, opens in half(?) screen)

Idea's ? 

in journals I see this:
[   13.645950] systemd-journald[609]: /var/log/journal/2b1f41d17a074c0ebb0a14b4f977d212/user-1000.journal: Montonic clock jumped backwards relative to last journal entry, rotating.
[   13.645957] systemd-journald[609]: Failed to write entry to /var/log/journal/2b1f41d17a074c0ebb0a14b4f977d212/user-1000.journal (31 items, 879 bytes), rotating before retrying: Not a XENIX named type file

I must mention that I'm running a homebrewed kernel build with nearly the .config F38 uses (mostly driver I don't need are OFF)

known ?
or should I fill a BZ ?
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