test kernels 6.2.x in F37 - an ultimate killer

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Hi guys.

Just to let you know - all the kernels I tried, x.5 tin x.7 , kill the system...
.. when some video in a browser - as I do not playback any videos allow cannot comment there - is played or paused and some resizing or switching or showing thumbnails/miniatures (tabs) is show/played/takes place, then Fedora starts blinking my both monitors, laptop's builtin & external Dell.
Blinking slow, black & desktop view alternately, at ~1 sec intervals then about ~1 min later both monitors switch black & stay that way.
From the very blink system is irresponsible - hard power-cycle is a must.
Interestingly(?) audio continues - until of course, all goes black - to playback okey.

Nothing else is from koji/test, up to date from repos OS.
System - Thinkpad e14 g2 (AMD)

regards, L.
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