F38 dnf modules isn't going to be functional

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DNF5 test day is running and we have figured that dnf modules command
is being worked on.
The functionality can be tracked [0] and this is targeted to be complete in F39.
If users, have modules enabled in F37 and upgrade to F38, things will be fine.
However, fresh installs or installations which wanna play with modules
in F38 won't be
able to do that.

DNF team suggests a workaround how to modify modules without using any
tool - modify files in /etc/dnf/modules.d. if you want to reset nodejs
module you can use rm /etc/dnf/modules.d/nodejs

If this is a problematic thing, we should communicate this to the users.

[0] https://github.com/rpm-software-management/dnf5/issues/146

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