Fedora 38: GDM not recognizing Wayland, only X11

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I did a fresh install of Fedora 38 on 19 February from the latest Live images (both Workstation and KDE Spin).

Workstation install lists no option for either X11 or Wayland. Default GNOME selection lands you in a GNOME session under X11.

I then installed the "KDE Plasma Workspaces" package group.

GDM then listed Plasma as an option, but only under X11.

I then switched from GDM to SDDM and SDDM shows options for both KDE and GNOME under either X11 or Wayland.

If I select GNOME (Wayland) in SDDM and log in, I'm indeed logged into a GNOME session under Wayland.

I did the reverse in the KDE Spin. SDDM recognized both Wayland and X11, switching to GDM only gave me X11 as an option under either GNOME or KDE.

Has anyone else seen this?

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