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On Wed, Feb 8, 2023 at 1:31 PM Kevin Fenzi <kevin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 08, 2023 at 09:55:33AM +0100, Kamil Paral wrote:
> > Our current macOS (still called OS X) dual boot criterion says:
> >
> > "The installer must be able to install into free space alongside an
> > existing OS X installation, install and configure a bootloader that will
> > boot Fedora."
> >
> >
> > I suggest renaming  "OS X" to "macOS" in the section title and in the
> > criterion text. That reflects the name change that Apple did in the past.
> >
> > I also suggest adding this footnote:
> > "Footnote: Supported hardware
> > This criterion only covers Mac devices with an Intel x86_64 processor."
> >
> > That makes it explicit that we don't support the latest ARM-based M<number>
> > custom processors, nor the older PowerPC-based devices. I originally wanted
> > to link to some official Fedora requirements, but we don't seem to have any
> > (for Macs), so at least a footnote here.
> >
> > Thoughts?
> +1 to those changes, makes sense.
> I am not sure 100% of intel macs are supported either however.
> I have a macbook here with the touchbar thing and last I tried it,
> fedora will boot, but the keyboard doesn't work at all. That was like a
> year or so ago tho, so I should try again. ;)

There is a patch set for the T2 era of Macs, but I don't know if
anyone has tried to shepherd them upstream yet:

(I don't have access to one of this era of Macs, so I don't have quite
the ability to vouch for them.)

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