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Hey folks! Wanted to send a note out for any maintainers who may be
waiting on openQA test results for critical path updates etc. Tests are
currently taking much longer than usual to be completed because there's
a large backlog. The Rawhide mass rebuild, plus the three critical bugs
(python-ptyprocess, systemd, and mesa) that I posted about yesterday,
caused 2-3 days' worth of Rawhide update tests to fail. After finally
sorting out those problems enough that the tests now pass, I
rescheduled that whole backlog, which turned out to be over 2000 tests.
The system is working its way through the backlog but it'll take a
while (I expect it should be clear by end of day today or so, it
depends a bit on how many updates are created in the mean time), and
until that gets done, it may take much longer for the tests for any
given update to be completed after the update is created.

I do apologize for this; with hindsight it might've been better to try
and hack up a way to reduce the priority on the backlogged Rawhide
update tests so tests for stable release updates ran first, but I
didn't think of that yesterday.

If there are any urgent security or critical bug fix updates for stable
releases which are waiting on testing and really need it run ASAP, let
me know and I can manually bump the priority of those tests so they run

Thanks folks!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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