Heads up: GNOME 43.0 megaupdate is in testing

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Hi all,

Just a quick heads up that the GNOME 43.0 final release megaupdate is
now in F37 updates-testing:

This is the GNOME version that's we'll be shipping F37 Final with, so
please make sure to test it and file issues for things that would need
fixing before F37 GA. I'd suggest starting upstream at gitlab.gnome.org
for most issues, and then letting me (and other people) know in
#fedora-workstation if anything needs backporting to Fedora (since there
won't be any more upstream releases before F37 Final). If anything looks
to be release blockery, then please also file issues downstream at
bugzilla.redhat.com as soon as possible and mark them as blockers using
the blockerbugs page,

At the same time, please don't block the update with -1 karma unless
there's something really amiss: We need the megaupdate to go stable and
we can iterate from there.

It all passed my own smoke testing and things were calm upstream and
it's mostly just bug fixes at this point, compared to 43.rc.

Thanks everybody and let's make this a good release!

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