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I'm currently having frequency crashing with Ardour 6.6 associated with a few different plug-ins (sfizz, Vital, Rudolf 556, Mephisto).  While the bugs may reside with the plugins, Ardour 6.6 may also have issues.  Ardour 6.7 is now released, but has not yet shown up in the Fedora Jam repository.

Ardour requires payment to download.  I also rather install from the Fedora Jam repository, so my question is:

If Ardour 6.7 is forthcoming to the repository I could wait for it, if not I'll either build from source or other options.

Is there a schedule as to when Ardour 6.7 will be upgraded in the Fedora Jam repository?

Also, Once they are working and stable, where would I request adding additional plugins to the Fedora Jam repository?


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