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I've been looking for an LV2 SFZ synth plugin for Ardour 6.6 that runs
under Fedora 34.  There doesn't seem to be one in the repositories. 
The three that I'm aware of are LinuxSampler, sfizz and liquidsfz.

So far I've tried downloading the lv2 binaries.  I have not yet tried
to compile and make any of them under Fedora 34.

LinuxSampler is a little weird and seems to want to run as a server. 
There doesn't seem to be an LV2 plugin for Fedora 34 yet.  I ran it in
a terminal, but didn't try to get it to work via pipewire routing
to/from Ardour.  I rather have an Ardour lv2 plugin.

Sfizz shows up in Ardour 6.6 and works for awhile, but Ardour keeps
crashing randomly.  Seems to be sfizz related.  The problem report
engine fails to generate a report when it crashes.  Says bad
configuration or corrupt crash data.

liquidsfz installs as an lv2 plugin, but so far I have been unable to
get any audio out of the plugin.

I might try compiling sfizz and/or liquidsfz under Fedora 34.  The sfz
sound font format has some advantages over the sf2 format that
fluidsynth and others use.  It would be nice if Fedora 34 could have a
decent sfz synth lv2 plugin.

Any advice is welcome, I'll report if I get better results after
building from source code.

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