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Hi, I’ve just installed fedora jam on my spare laptop. I’ve been using windows for all my music, and I want to see what linux has to offer. I went with Jam because I wouldn’t know what software to install or how to configure it, so this seems like the place to start.  

But I’m not getting anywhere using it, and the wiki doesn’t seem to have much info. 

Here is my problem: when I plug in my audio interface (I’m using GuitarPort) I get unprocessed raw sound from my guitar in my headphones right away, before I even start anything. (Normally I don’t hear anything until the signal is routed through the amplifier software, but I’ve never used it in linux before, maybe that is expected?)

I went into StudioControls -> Audio Setup -> Jack Master Setting, and I see the following: 

Jack Master Device (no USB): lists my sound card and my guitar port.  

USB device that should be Master: No USB Master.  

The thing is, GuitarPort *is* a USB device. No matter what I do, all I get is raw guitar output. I feel a bit like all I’m doing is closing my eyes and poking at it with a stick. Are there some instructions on how to set this up? 




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