Broken dependencies for ladish tools?

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i've installed gladish and the ladish tools but something seems to be broken. running ladi-control-center from the command line claimed for xdg library. i've fixed the issue installing pyxdg, xdg-user-dirs, xdg-utils. actually, i'm not sure about xdg-*, since now the system does not allow me to remove them since it seems they are used from other applications.

i had to fix also the JACK conf tool in gladish-->Tools-->Settings. it was ladiconf (file not found), fixed using ladi-control-center

same for ladi tray: i had to install python-appindicator (and related dependencies), libappindicator (and related dependencies), libappindicato-gtk3 (and related dependencies) to get it working

now it seems to be ok


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