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Hey all,

just a few comments regarding spins and other things...

I confess I haven't really contributed to the spin much this cycle except for trying to keep our package arsenal up to date. There's a few new ones (mainly lv2-plugins), mup and the non-suite (was that in f19? at the time of publication? I can't remember). I'm maintaining over 100 audio packages now, which is too much for one person to do properly. If you are interested let me know, we'll find you a sponsor and get you started.

Having said that, we have 10 days to add any new packages. I really like the kxStudio apps, but at this rate we will be lucky to get Carla and Festige. I'll try to get cadence in, but waiting on some python3 dependencies to let me go forward. Packaging kxStudio stuff is a nightmare (ppa culture)

We will be shipping the same wallpaper as Fedora 18 with the wave overlay, unless someone feels inspired. If you need help please let me know. You can look at https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/music-creation.git/tree/fedora-jam-backgrounds/src/default to see the dimensions we are shipping. If you are up for this it has to be in by the 20th at the latest.

I must apologise for being so absent for this release - work/family trumps sometimes. Many thanks to Ian Malone, without his testing the spin would have been dropped. Cheers mate


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