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On 06/24/2013 10:54 AM, Martin Tarenskeen wrote:


amsynth-1.4.0 has been released upstream at

I think it's really worth having

this in Fedora. It would probably need to be split in a amsynth,
amsynth-dssi, and lv2-amsynth package. I have been using test versions
from GIT these months, and it's working nicely.

I quote from the NEWS file:

amsynth 1.4.0 -- 2013-06-23

   - LV2 support added
   - various improvements to sound engine, including:
     - mono & legato keyboard modes
     - portamento / glide control
     - extended OSC 2 detune range
     - switchable low-pass / high-pass / band-pass filter modes
     - switchable 12 / 24 db/Octave filter slopes
     - additional LFO waveforms (sawtooth up & down)
     - reduced aliasaing on oscillator's square / pulse waveform
   - now ships with substantial library of presets, thanks to
   - preset banks are now stored in ~/.amsynth/banks
   - numerous other improvements and bug fixes

Thanks for the update. This is not in Fedora - I believe it was in CCRMA once upon a time?

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