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On 03/02/2013 03:18 AM, Christopher R. Antila wrote:
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Hi everybody:

It looks like we have just under 4 months before the Fedora 19 release:

There isn't much time, but we should make some goals anyway.
Obviously, we need to get our official spin onto the official spins
page. I suggest we also try to develop and use some QA procedure.

More important will be to plan for Fedora 20, and we should make some
more ambitious goals for that release. I'll write down my thoughts
about this in a couple of days (related to my message about GSoC from
a few days ago), but let's all get thinking!

Insofar as the spin is concerned I'm not sure that there is anything left to do.

I have requested the website changes and they are already in place for F19.

I have added some new packages to Fedora (radium_compressor and a few lv2 synths) which we may want to add to the spin package list.

I've not heard from Jorn lately regarding the jam control app, but I encourage anyone with some python_fu to review and make changes.

On my to do list is to split out the non-* packages and maybe even offer an alternate zynaddsubfx binary using the ntk (FLTK fork as used by the non packages).

I'm back in australia for a working holiday at the moment so time is somewhat limited but I am still around ;)

As for your GSOC suggestion, maybe this is something which should be floated by CCRMA and not Fedora? Only problem is getting a slot, which will require a significant coding component. I can backstop any mentor if required
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