Call For A Mentor - Resending My Previous Request

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First of all, from Turkey, i salute all of you respectable mentors. I am not very sure to send this kind of mail to mentors' group list, but I want to be an ambassador of Fedora, i met Fedora by the way of Linkedin, one of my newcomer fellows is also an ambassador of Fedora, i made a pre-research and it amazed me by the way of being one of the contributors, and i've made the rest of my research on the journey of registration. As for what i've done for Fedora so far, i tried to reach the other ambassadors in Turkey, i presented and explained the facts and features of Fedora operating system to everyone i know including also my family, now i am ready for every kind of social media advertorials and correspondences, also i can also construct a web-site making the advertisements of Fedora if you provide me commercial materials. If i wouldn't feel sometimes bored and exhausted, i could make translations in my native language but unless it is an obligation, i don't want to take the responsibility of this. Nowadays, i continue to my private French courses, i have a pre-intermediate level of German and after French my next aim is German, and so in the near future, i can proceed commercial activities in an multilinguistic manner. I am looking forward for your instructions and advices about what i can do for you in details, also my user page in fedora is:

I can spend minimum 45 - 60 minutes per day for Fedora. I will be waiting for an affirmative response with all my desire. Thank you all for sparing your valuable time and for your patience. Lots of salutes from Turkey.

Best Regards

Mechatronics Engineer
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