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Armel Kermorvant wrote:
Good Morning Mentors Team,

I introduce my self, my name is Armel Kermorvant, I'm in France and I
have 39 years old. I'm married and I have 3 kids (3 boys).

I'm a french Amabassador and Vice President of Fedora-fr.

I start my linux life with Red Hat 4.2 (Baltimor) in 1996 and I use a
lot of others versions of Red Hat distribution.

I work in international computers manufacturer and I'm in charge of the
linux development team, hardware compatibility, drivers development,
customers support, ...
About the customers support, I discuss with lot of large accounts to
help them for the Linux strategy and for de deploiement.
I like to join the mentors team for lot of reasons :
- Help the FedoraProject
- Hardware compatibility expertise
- Relation ship with the Fedora users in France
- ...

I you need more informations to my professional cursus, please goto
here :

I hope after this short description, I hope that you will accept me in
the as mentors team.

Thanks a lot and have a nice week


I don't think it's going to be any issue of welcoming you in. It would be great to have another person to join the mentors team to help people and the ambassadors.




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