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  For the past week I have been browsing the Fedora community in hopes
of finding out more about the project. I am greatly interested in
contributing to the project, but since this being my first open source
project I am a little green on how to get things going. I would highly
appreciate any guidance or suggestions anyone can provide.
  The first group I am attracted to is the Ambassadors group. With two
years of practical technical support in my repertoire, I have gained the
uncanny ability to convey technological based information to less than
technologically based people. Additionally I have been familiarized with
issue troubleshooting, tracking, and resolvent for both end users and
intra-department complications. I have also worked on technological
documentation aimed at both development issues and the
'lowest-common-denominator' issues.
  The second group I found interesting was the OS Development group.
Although I am not strong in programming methods, and I am fluent in
several languages including C/C++, Perl, Ruby, and PHP. I feel that my
limited knowledge may not provide much in bleeding advances to the
project, but I would be thrilled with minor details and support for more
advanced projects. 
  But most importantly, I am interested in the entire project no matter
the aspect. I feel that open-source provides both the world and the
contributor with wealth of great things. The technological community can
only benefit from projects where advancement is more important than
profit. Additionally the experience with the open source environment is
something I am greatly interested in. Contribution to a large scale
project can only help in advancing my skill set in the technological
  Again, I thank you for any support or guidance and look forward to
hearing from you.

Benjamin Campbell

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