Re: <rave-review at fedoraproject dot org> doesnot work?

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Escribe a guillermo.gomez@xxxxxxxxxx Habia un plan establecer algo para la comunidad de habla espanol. Guillermo sabe los detalles.


Juan Ignacio Torres wrote:
Sorry. My english is very poor. I talk in spanish:
¿Que tratas de pedirme?.
Hay una gran falla a la hora de que los españoles
parlantes puedan entender este gran proyecto que es
Fedora. Principalmente porque la traduccion de la
seccion de mentores es en ingles.
Tengo muchas ganas de colaborar pero la verdad es que
me a costado mucho poder hacerlo ya que los pasos para
afiliarme me han sido muy confusos.
Yo creo que una buena traduccion traeria muchos
beneficios a este proyecto.
Espero tu respuesta. Gracias
 --- David Eisenstein <deisenst@xxxxxxx> escribió:

Guess I was not clear.  Sorry.

The web-page

advertises the availability for people who have been
mentored to do a "rave
review" of their mentor:

    "If a mentor helps you, it's extremely important
to let other people
     know it. The best way to do that is by offering
a rave review.

    "If you'd like to rave about a mentor, please
send a quick note to
     rave-review at fedoraproject dot org, telling
us who the mentor was,
     and how they helped you. The Mentors team will
then update the wiki
     with your rave review."

I was wishing to do a rave-review of a mentor. However, when I tried to
send an email to the address mentioned there, that
is, to
the mail server there essentially said, "No such

   >>   ----- The following addresses had permanent
fatal errors -----
   >> <rave-review@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   >>    (reason: 550 5.1.1
<rave-review@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>... User unknown)

If the Fedora Mentors program wants to have the
availability of rave reviews
to the Fedora community, it would be well to make
sure that the email
address that is advertised is actually there, and

Should this problem be forwarded to the Fedora
Infrastructure Team?


		Warm regards,

		David Eisenstein

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:

What failed?

rave-review is not registered since you need to be
registered to email
to the list?


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