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On Sun, 2006-05-28 at 16:51 +0200, Damien Durand wrote:
> Hello,
> A quick introduction
> My name is Damien Durand and i'm a new contributor to Fedora project.
> I contribute on the following projects, Extras, Ambassador, bug
> triaging, I18n/L10n, Docs, Websites and i'm an active member of fedora
> france community. A few weeks ago, i've started to write some ideas
> about Fedora Start program
> ( It's in
> draft for the moment. I would like recruting some contributors by the
> easy ways with "Fedora Start". Provide easy work for new contributors.
> I can also help on translation and Wikiediting. About translation, few
> days ago, i've made a page on french translation
> Thanks in advance Damien Durand

It's great to get new contributors into the project.  I don't think,
however, that there is a need for yet *another* gateway project.  This
is the purpose of the Mentors project.  The epidemic of "create a new
project" is problematic for volunteer projects like Fedora because it
promotes fracturing already limited resources.  Instead of starting yet
another subproject, see how you can work this angle from within an
existing subproject like Mentors.  There is not a lot of activity in
Mentors already, so if you are energetic, you can help drive Mentors
where you think it should go.
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