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I've created a draft of a new mentors page.  A little simpler, with 
contact information more readily available.  Please take a look and let me 
know what you think:

I also introduce here the notion of "rave reviews".  Yes, I realize that
any "rating system" can be gamed, but I think it's important that people
who give their time as mentors have the opportunity to be recognized.

In any event, whatever we decide we'd like the Mentors pages to look like, 
I think it's time to:

1. Verify that everyone on the mentors page still wants to be a mentor, 
so that we have a solid base we can count on.

2. Start advertising the presence of the mentors page heavily.  Mairin put 
together a great mockup for something we could put in the nav bar; I'd 
like to implement that, or something similar.

3. Start recruiting heavily for new mentors, with a focus on expanding the
areas of expertise for mentoring.  More translation/localization mentors,
more international members, more free Java mentors, more mentors

Just some ideas.  I'd love to move forward with them, but only if you all 
think the changes are useful.


Greg DeKoenigsberg || Fedora Project ||
Be an Ambassador ||

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