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We announced the mentors effort. A few people showed up and asked what do you us want us to do. The predictable reply was that they can go ahead and work on whatever they are interested in and the mentors would try and help them get involved with it in a better way. Obviously there hasnt been much more discussions after that.

So here is a alternative approach. I am going to try and post things regularly here for which I believe Fedora could use more contributors or which could be fun or even a combination of both!

So people who are lurking in this list, dont wait anymore. Speak up and tell us what you wanted to get involved with. Here are the different ways in which you could be potentially contribute but this is by no means comprehensive.

Here are more details about the mentors project itself.

Bug triaging is something many people can get involved with in a relatively easy way and has a disproportionately high impact relative to the amount of work you do because it buys more time for the developers to do what they do best (ie) developing the code, adding enhancements and fixing issues instead of dealing with incomplete or duplicate or invalid bug reports among several other problems associated with making up a good bug report or enhancement request.

If you are a wee bit curious and interested, take a look at

Let me know your thoughts


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