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You receive this mail as you are a subscriber to fedora-extras-list@xxxxxxxxxx; if you are wondering what this mail is about please read at least the first of the following paragraphs:

fedora-extras-list is going to be closed as discussed in

and agreed on by FESCo on it 20070308 meeting:

fedora-extras-list will thereby get closed soon, probably on Friday or Saturday this week; no further posting will be possible there. fedora-devel-list will be the mailing that acts as the direct successor for fedora-extras-list; as a subscriber to fedora-extras-list you hereby are invited to join that list. To subscribe please read the section that starts below "----" carefully and take one of the routes to subscribe that's advertised there.

Note that fedora-devel list is medium to high traffic list; the average was 55 to 60 mails each day in the past two months which is way more than fedora-extras-list.

If you don't want to subscribe *do nothing* and this should be the last mail you get regarding the topic.  If you are subscribed to fedora-devel-list already just ignore this mail. 

In case of questions send me, Thorsten Leemhuis, an email to fedora@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, or ask on fedora-extras-list@xxxxxxxxxx


Usual mailman invite-text follows, please read it and follow the instructions if you want to join fedora-devel list
Your address "list-extras@xxxxxxxxxxx" has been invited to join the
fedora-devel-list mailing list at by the fedora-devel-list
mailing list owner. You may accept the invitation by simply replying
to this message, keeping the Subject: header intact.

You can also visit this web page:

Or you should include the following line -- and only the following
line -- in a message to fedora-devel-list-request@xxxxxxxxxx:

    confirm 9ee19d3c5b8c2e84c488801c14c0e622f404a9c7

Note that simply sending a `reply' to this message should work from
most mail readers.

If you want to decline this invitation, please simply disregard this
message.  If you have any questions, please send them to

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