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On Tue, 03 Apr 2007 15:25:52 -0700, livinded wrote:

> Why would I cat language files into that. find_lang is supposed to do
> that for me.

Probably you've misunderstood the reply you've got. The find_lang 
macro in redhat-rpm-config is not up-to-date and less "mighty" than
than /usr/lib/rpm/ in that it lacks the --all-name
option you look for. As a work-around, you can either do

  %find_lang name1
  %find_lang name2
  cat name2.lang >> name1.lang

  %files -f name1.lang

with as many names as you need.

Or you call /usr/lib/rpm/ explicitly instead of using

  /usr/lib/rpm/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT %name --all-name

  %files -f %name.lang

Or (and *only* if the language files have a common prefix!) you can do a
nasty thing like this:

  %find_lang name.\*

  %files -f name.\*.lang

Here, "name.\*" is both a regular expression and the file name for the
.lang file. Looks weird'n'ugly, is weird'n'ugly, but still works.

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